Monday, December 8, 2008

Stop providing fodder!

I found these links on the Facebook page for the site “A civil union is not a marriage! Legalize gay marriage!” More evidence of the stupid and short-sighted things people do that damage our efforts to attain marriage equality. It’s not just the anti-marriage crowd we must do battle with. Unfortunately, we must battle ourselves as well.

In this story, a teacher hands out homosexual pledge cards to kindergartners. It is truly astounding that the teacher had the merest thought that what she did was even remotely appropriate.

A charter school in Hayward, Calif., held a “Gay Day” without notifying parents. This faux pas was quickly used by the Pacific Justice Institute as evidence that Prop 8’s passage would mean changes in public schools that would include “homosexual indoctrination.”

There were a couple other links, but the point is made.

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